Outstanding in our Field

Reli-a-bale are experienced producers of packaged haylage and straw. Our deep fertile soils produce good quality haylage that is highly palatable to horses. This is the most cost-effective type of forage feeding, ensuring there is little wastage, even from the fussiest of eaters! With our unique team, who have grown up around horses, our knowledge extends beyond the farm gate.


Robert Barbour and his team have been successfully making and selling hay, straw and haylage for over 30 years. Originally the main focus was on hay production, but in more recent years they have focused their efforts into producing the highest quality haylage for the equine market.

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We currently specialise in producing four string, large bale haylage. These bales come wrapped and can be easily maneuvered, by our experienced delivery team.

By feeding reli-a-bale haylage, you can cut down on ‘hard’ feed, whilst maintaining and improving your horses condition.

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Oddington Grange Farm
Weston on the Green
N.r Bicester
Ox25 3WQ

Email: reliabale@oddingtongrange.co.uk Phone: Robert on 07711710284